Top 5 Best Places to Kayak for Experts – 2018 Edition

Expert level, extreme, kayaking is not for everybody - you have to go into knowing there may be a situation where your years of practice and preparation will be all you can rely on. Rough waters sometimes hold the best experiences. So dig in, gear up, and get ready for our top 5 list of the best places to kayak for experts in 2018.

5. Donegal Island, Ireland

The Umfin Island is along the coastline of Donegal. The water flows from under the island into the sea. This rushing of water and high currents require an expert kayaker to dive into the waters and experience the most astonishing and spectacular tides. The tunnel is 300m long which opens up at the coast of Donegal. During the kayaking journey you may come across dolphins swimming in the water, which may stun you as they are very close. The tunnel is 40m wide, which allows the kayak to fit. 

This kayaking trip may need a lot of light and steady water. This kayaking experience is for people who are an expert in kayaking as this trip consists of high currents resulting is random rushing of water through big rocks which may cause danger if the kayak is not handled carefully. Best adventure in the summers.

4. Lions Bay, Canada

Canada is a striking country with many natural and man-made wonders and tranquility. The Lions Bay is a man-made drainage ditch made of a concrete channel which is constructed to provide an area of thrills for the professional kayaker. It has a great tendency to push the kayak more than 72 mph. This tremendous speed of the kayak is exciting but is also dangerous if not handled carefully. The drift lasts about 800m down the drain. 

This experience will be great for the professionals as it can only be performed with high tide, which takes courage of the one experiencing it. While in the drain the kayak may slide up the banks of the river and back down, making one get chills. The top speed calculated until now is 72 mph which may increase with the weather conditions. Summer is the best time to go on this kayak adventure. 

3. Dawsonville, Georgia, USA

Dawsonville is a gorgeous place with many different adventures available, including kayaking. The rivers flowing through Dawsonville are filled with fresh and warm water. The Etowah River is filled with every kind of kayaking level from extreme to beginner level. It is best known for the fast flow of the river that makes it the best place for expert kayakers. 

The Etowah River stretches   300m, creating a long ride to the end with splashing waters and rocks. It is 2m wide which only allows one kayak at a time. It gives one a tingle of joy and thirst for adventure. Many camps are set up to make your journey easy and enjoyable. The best time to visit the Etowah River is year round as it’s always running and always filled with adventurous people.  

2. Baffin Island, Greenland

Greenland is famous for it is not so green beauty. Greenland is filled with beautiful lakes and rivers which are freezing and there of great icebergs. In the spring and summer, these icebergs start to melt which causes the rivers to start flowing with great intensity and speed. The kayaks on this high current rivers work perfectly, giving the chance to experience the extreme rush the water and waterfalls in a kayak.

The Baffin Island has gigantic icebergs in lakes and rivers that start melting and gives rise to new rivers. The Baffin Island in Greenland can be reached by snowkiting and trekking as it falls under a snowy area where not many options of commuting are available. It is best for experts as the rivers have great current flow which can only be handled by professionals. The falling and breaking of ice can be better dodged by skillful people that is an adventure of its own. 

1. Tree Trunk Gorge, North Island, New Zealand

To experience a drop from a waterfall that is beautiful and dangerous, then Tree Trunk Gorge is the one to go for. It is surrounded by a forest in New Zealand with great wildflowers and trees. The waterfall is gorgeous. The water flows through the carved rocks down to the lake. It has an 8m fall into the pool with high rocks pointing out. The whole waterfall is 13m high with strong currents.

However, this kayaking area is quite dangerous. The kayakers who have a lot of experience and are willing to take the risk are welcomed in this area. It has gigantic rocks and only 1m wide space to start from. This little area can be entered by a direct drop or a tight zigzag. If you have the guts to take life threatening risks, then this is the place, especially when the sun is shining.  


Everyone who loves to experience adventure, some take greater risks than others.  Some people love taking risks and love nature and wildlife. Before kayaking started as a sport, it was a canoe used hunt animals in the water but soon turned into a thrill of adventure. The kayak was specially designed to dodge the tides and the rocks with ease and to go with the flow.

Gear up and go kayaking!

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