Top 5 Best Places to Kayak for Beginners – 2018 Edition

Kayaking is full of thrills and energy. People who love going on any kind of adventure definitely have kayaking on their to-do list. Many people kayak as a mellow hobby while others kayak for the thrill.

Kayaking, however, can be done for other purposes such as ecotourism, diving, fishing and as a sport. It has been one of the best and an exciting way of exploring the ecosystem, watching great marine animals, enjoying the great sceneries. 

As beginner your probably looking for a pretty chill experience,  but something still filled with exciting things to see. That is why we took the time to rate the top 5 best places to kayak for beginners. Your going to want to be prepared for the trip so check out our write up on essential gear.


Na Pali falls under the list of mesmerizing places and is a beautiful wonder of the world. Anyone who has visited the coast of Na Pali is the witness of its coastline which is stretched about 15 miles across Kauai giving every visitor a breath of excitement. To start the journey of kayaking one needs to reach the coast, there are only three possibilities – hiking, which is 11 miles by foot to the coast; helicopter or via boat. 

The Na Pali coast is called, “The Cliffs” as it is surrounded by gigantic cliffs with eye-catching colors. Much of it is inaccessible due to the cliffs falling from a tremendous height into the ocean. This is why Na Pali is the most beautiful and alluring coastline in Hawaii.  

For beginners, it is the best way to start the adventure and explore their new hobby with friendly dolphins on a lovely day in summer. In summer, the sun does its magic and the whole adventure is a new experience with amazing colors. 


The islands in Vancouver have their own ambiance. The icebergs and animals living in the sea will surely put you in awe! The west coast of the island Johnstone Strait is filled with amazing and wild animals. It is well-known for the amazing opportunity to kayak as it is surrounded by forests and beautiful mountains. 

This coast is situated in Broughton Archipelago Marine Park which provides a bonus of experiencing the habitats of different animals with your own eyes. Vancouver gives you the best kayaking experience from June until October.  

Animals like bald eagles, black bears, Oscars, humpback Pacific dolphins and whales surround the sea in large numbers, leaving their hiding places and showing their beauty to the world. This usually occurs between the time periods of winters. The Vancouver Island gives you a lot of experience and a lot to learn as a beginner. 


New Zealand is a lovely country with abounding beauty. It is filled with greenery and clear water, makings it the land of adventure where one will find almost every kind of sport. Fortunately, in the south of New Zealand, an island with tremendous beauty surrounded by lush green peaks is present. The Milford Sound is famous for its beauty and attracts many tourists. It gives one the opportunity to experience the divine scenery of the green peaks covered with clouds and of the wildlife living in their habitat. The water is steady and great for a beginning kayaker that allows one to practice and reach the level of an expert.

The surrounding of the Milford Sound consists of high peaks, thunderous waterfalls, and glaciers. It also has a great species of wildlife like seals, penguins, and dolphins which will result in an amazing trip. It is the best from April to October, as the weather is usually mild and the water is steady giving you the opportunity to experience everything in peace. 


Croatia, a place where crystal clear water has turquoise shades and gives one the chance to observe the marine life that is full of amazing animals. The Dalmatia Coast is situated in Croatia where kayaking can be done with grace. The water is steady and clear. The coast has small islands situated at a distance which enhances the coast. For beginners, the coast is the best place to kayak and to locate different historical architectural features. The kayaking experience gives you the choice of choosing between single or double kayaks.

The best time to visit is from June to September where there are hot summer days with warm water to kayak in. A great place to begin kayaking. 


Baja Peninsula is situated south of California and is the best winter destination. The warm, sunny weather creates striking sceneries that can guarantee a memorable kayaking journey. The Baja coast is the second largest peninsula in the world which consists of killer whales in great numbers. The mesmerizing passing of the whales can be experienced sitting in the kayak. Beginner courses are offered by different camps which provide single and double kayaks with expert guidance.  

Many kayakers prefer to go kayaking in the winter in Mexico as it has warm water and more chances of seeing whales. 


Everyone who loves to experience adventure, some take greater risks than others.  Some people love taking risks and love nature and wildlife. Before kayaking started as a sport, it was a canoe used hunt animals in the water but soon turned into a thrill of adventure. The kayak was specially designed to dodge the tides and the rocks with ease and to go with the flow.

Although many people believe that kayaking is pretty easy, it could be a disaster without any training. There are many courses for people who want to learn kayaking and to experience it. Once the beginner course is completed then a new page of an adventure turns which then gives birth to the urge of continually increasing your skills. We did the important work and pointed out the best of the best places all around the world that will give you a thrilling experience and a way of interacting with the natural beauty. Gear up and go kayaking!

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