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Top Places To Kayak In Delaware – First State Paddleways: Kayaking In Delaware

If you’re a fan of adventure and the great outdoors, then Delaware is the place for you! With its stunning waterways and picturesque landscapes, it’s no wonder that kayaking has become a popular activity in the state. From serene lakes to winding rivers, Delaware offers a variety of top-notch kayaking destinations. First State Paddleways is your go-to guide for exploring these hidden gems and experiencing the thrill of kayaking in the First State. So grab your paddle, hop in a kayak, and get ready to discover the top places to kayak in Delaware!

Top Places To Kayak In Delaware - First State Paddleways: Kayaking In Delaware

1. Brandywine Creek

Exploring the Brandywine Creek

If you’re looking for a scenic and peaceful kayaking destination in Delaware, look no further than the Brandywine Creek. This beautiful waterway offers a variety of paddling opportunities for both beginners and experienced kayakers. As you navigate the creek’s gentle currents, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. Whether you’re seeking a solo adventure or a fun outing with friends and family, the Brandywine Creek is the perfect place to set off on your kayaking journey.

Wildlife Encounters

One of the highlights of kayaking on the Brandywine Creek is the chance to encounter various species of wildlife. As you paddle along the tranquil waters, keep your eyes peeled for graceful blue herons, majestic bald eagles, and playful river otters. The creek is also home to a variety of fish, including smallmouth bass and catfish, making it a haven for fishing enthusiasts as well. So be sure to bring your binoculars and camera to capture these special moments with the local wildlife.

Historical Landmarks along the Creek

As you meander down the Brandywine Creek, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some fascinating historical landmarks. A notable highlight is the Hagley Museum and Library, which sits along the creek’s banks. This site was once the home of the DuPont family and played a significant role in the development of the American industrial revolution. Take a break from paddling and embark on a guided tour to learn more about the area’s rich history. With its combination of natural beauty and historical significance, kayaking on the Brandywine Creek is truly a captivating experience.

2. Delaware Bay

Adventures in Delaware Bay

For those seeking a more adventurous kayaking experience, Delaware Bay won’t disappoint. This expansive body of water offers plenty of opportunities for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re craving a challenging paddle against the bay’s strong tides or a leisurely exploration of its hidden coves and estuaries, Delaware Bay has it all. So grab your kayak and get ready for an exhilarating adventure on the bay’s shimmering blue waters.

Birdwatching Opportunities

Delaware Bay is a paradise for birdwatchers, attracting various migratory bird species throughout the year. As you glide along the bay’s surface, keep an eye out for the majestic great blue herons, elegant American oystercatchers, and vibrant sandpipers. If you’re lucky, you might even spot the endangered piping plovers, which nest along the bay’s sandy beaches. With its diverse avian population, Delaware Bay offers a fantastic opportunity to observe and appreciate the wonders of the avian world.

Cape Henlopen State Park

Located near the mouth of Delaware Bay, Cape Henlopen State Park is a must-visit destination for kayakers. The park boasts stunning natural beauty, with its pristine beaches, towering sand dunes, and lush coastal forests. Take a break from paddling and explore the park’s numerous hiking trails, visit the historic Fort Miles, or simply relax on the beach and listen to the soothing sounds of the waves. With its breathtaking scenery and abundant recreational activities, Cape Henlopen State Park is the perfect place to end your kayaking adventure in Delaware Bay.

Top Places To Kayak In Delaware - First State Paddleways: Kayaking In Delaware

3. Assawoman Bay

Paddling in Assawoman Bay

Assawoman Bay offers a serene and idyllic setting for kayakers looking to immerse themselves in nature. With its calm waters and gentle currents, this bay is suitable for kayakers of all skill levels. As you navigate through the tranquil bay, you’ll be surrounded by picturesque marshes, vibrant wildflowers, and the soothing chirping of birds. Whether you’re seeking solitude or a peaceful outing with friends, Assawoman Bay promises a kayaking experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Scenic Beauty and Serenity

One of the most enchanting aspects of Assawoman Bay is its scenic beauty and serenity. As you paddle along the bay’s meandering waterways, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding wetlands and marshes. The bay is also home to a variety of marine life, including blue crabs, diamondback terrapins, and ospreys. Soak in the peace and tranquility of this pristine natural oasis as you explore the hidden corners of Assawoman Bay.

Assawoman Wildlife Area

Situated along the shores of Assawoman Bay, the Assawoman Wildlife Area is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. This expansive nature reserve offers kayakers the opportunity to observe an array of wildlife in their natural habitat. Keep your eyes peeled for graceful egrets, elusive red foxes, and majestic white-tailed deer as you paddle through the area’s numerous water trails. The Assawoman Wildlife Area is also a popular spot for fishing, so don’t forget to pack your fishing gear and try your luck at catching some local favorites like flounder or striped bass.

4. Trap Pond State Park

Exploring Trap Pond

If you’re in search of a kayaking destination that combines natural beauty with fascinating history, look no further than Trap Pond State Park. Located in southern Delaware, this park is home to the northernmost stand of bald cypress trees in the United States, making it a truly unique and enchanting location. As you paddle through Trap Pond, you’ll be surrounded by towering cypress trees draped in Spanish moss, creating a serene and otherworldly atmosphere. Marvel at the sight of these ancient giants as you glide along the pond’s calm waters.

Cypress Trees and Aquatic Plants

The bald cypress trees and aquatic plants that dominate the landscape of Trap Pond State Park provide a one-of-a-kind kayaking experience. These majestic trees, some of which are over 400 years old, create a canopy of shade that adds to the park’s ethereal charm. The park’s waters are also teeming with life, with various species of turtles, frogs, and water snakes often seen along the banks. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you explore the cypress-filled waters of Trap Pond.

Fishing and Picnicking

In addition to kayaking, Trap Pond State Park offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy other recreational activities. Grab your fishing rod and cast a line into the pond’s bountiful waters, where you’ll find an abundance of largemouth bass, crappie, and pickerel. After a successful day of fishing, why not take a break and enjoy a picnic surrounded by the park’s natural splendor? There are numerous picnic tables and pavilions available throughout the park, providing the perfect spot to relax and refuel before continuing your kayaking adventure.

Top Places To Kayak In Delaware - First State Paddleways: Kayaking In Delaware

5. Broadkill River

Navigating the Broadkill River

If you’re looking for a kayaking adventure that combines peaceful paddling with the opportunity for wildlife sightings, the Broadkill River is the perfect choice. This meandering river winds its way through scenic woodlands, salt marshes, and tidal creeks, offering a diverse landscape for kayakers to explore. As you navigate the river’s gentle currents, keep an eye out for the numerous bird species that call this area home, including great blue herons, ospreys, and bald eagles. Get ready to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a kayaking experience that is as relaxing as it is exhilarating.

Birding and Wildlife Viewing

Birdwatching enthusiasts will be in paradise when kayaking on the Broadkill River. This area is a haven for countless migratory bird species, making it a birdwatcher’s dream come true. In addition to the majestic birds that call this river home, you may also spot deer, foxes, and other wildlife along the riverbanks. So, don’t forget to bring your binoculars and camera to capture these magical moments as you paddle through the pristine waters of the Broadkill River.

Prime Fishing Spots

Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the Broadkill River offers excellent opportunities to cast a line and reel in a catch. The river is abundant with species such as striped bass, perch, and catfish, providing ample opportunities for a successful fishing excursion. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just trying your hand at fishing for the first time, the Broadkill River is sure to satisfy your fishing cravings. So pack your fishing gear and get ready to enjoy some quality angling while enjoying the beauty of this picturesque river.

6. Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Kayaking Amidst the Wildlife Refuge

If you’re longing for an immersive wildlife experience while kayaking, then Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect destination. Located along the Delaware Bay, the refuge spans over 16,000 acres and provides a habitat for an incredible variety of birds and waterfowl. As you paddle through the refuge’s tranquil waters, you’ll be surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature in its purest form. The serene atmosphere and diverse wildlife make kayaking in Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge an unforgettable adventure.

Abundance of Birds and Waterfowl

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is renowned for its diverse bird population, attracting birdwatchers from around the world. From the elegant great blue herons to the iconic American bald eagles, this refuge offers a chance to see a wide variety of bird species up close. If you visit during the spring or fall, you might witness the spectacular arrival or departure of thousands of migratory birds as they make their way along the Atlantic Flyway. With over 300 species of birds recorded in the refuge, every moment on the water is an opportunity to witness the beauty of these feathered inhabitants.

Educational Interpretive Programs

In addition to kayaking amidst the wildlife, Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge also offers a range of educational interpretive programs. These programs provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the refuge’s diverse ecosystems, the importance of wetland conservation, and the intricate lives of the birds and wildlife that call this refuge home. Join a guided tour, partake in a photography workshop, or explore the refuge’s nature trails to fully appreciate the beauty and significance of this remarkable wildlife refuge.

7. Marshyhope Creek

Discovering Marshyhope Creek

If you’re seeking a kayaking experience that offers tranquil scenic views and a sense of serenity, Marshyhope Creek is the perfect destination. Situated in southern Delaware, this hidden gem offers paddlers a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in nature. As you navigate the calm waters of Marshyhope Creek, you’ll be mesmerized by the abundance of lush vegetation, towering trees, and the gentle sounds of nature. This creek is a true sanctuary for those looking to connect with the natural world and create lasting memories on the water.

Tranquil Scenic Views

The scenic beauty of Marshyhope Creek is truly breathtaking. The creek winds its way through picturesque woodlands and wetlands, creating a captivating landscape that changes with the seasons. Whether you visit during the vibrant colors of spring or the peaceful serenity of winter, Marshyhope Creek never fails to impress. The reflection of the trees in the shimmering water, the vibrant hues of wildflowers along the banks, and the occasional sighting of a graceful heron or a playful river otter all contribute to the creek’s undeniable charm.

Ancient Native American Heritage

As you explore Marshyhope Creek, you’ll also have the opportunity to discover the area’s rich Native American heritage. The creek and its surrounding lands have been inhabited by indigenous peoples for thousands of years, leaving behind a legacy of ancient artifacts and historical sites. Take a break from paddling and embark on a guided tour to learn more about the Native Americans who once called this area home. From ancient burial grounds to remnants of pottery and tools, Marshyhope Creek offers a glimpse into Delaware’s fascinating indigenous history.

8. Little Assawoman Bay

Exploring Little Assawoman Bay

Tucked away along the coast of Sussex County, Little Assawoman Bay offers a kayaking experience that combines tidal wetlands, salt marshes, and miles of pristine shoreline. This bay is perfect for those seeking a water-based adventure, as it provides access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque Assawoman Canal. As you paddle through Little Assawoman Bay, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the abundance of wildlife that calls this area home.

Tidal Wetlands and Salt Marshes

Little Assawoman Bay is characterized by its diverse tidal wetlands and salt marshes, which provide a unique and important ecosystem for various plant and animal species. Explore the quiet waterways that wind through the marshes and discover the vibrant colors of the salt marsh blooms. These marshes serve as important nesting and feeding grounds for numerous bird species, including egrets, herons, and ospreys. Immerse yourself in this coastal paradise, where the tides ebb and flow, and marvel at the delicate balance of the natural world.

Water-based Recreation

In addition to kayaking, Little Assawoman Bay offers a wide range of water-based recreational activities. Take a break from paddling and indulge in some swimming, paddleboarding, or even surfing along the bay’s sandy beaches. The calm waters of the bay make it an ideal spot for beginners to try their hand at these activities. So, whether you’re looking to paddle, swim, or simply relax on the beach, Little Assawoman Bay has something for everyone to enjoy.

9. Nanticoke River

Kayaking along the Nanticoke River

The Nanticoke River, located in southern Delaware, offers kayakers a chance to experience the beauty of Delaware’s natural habitats and explore a variety of unique ecosystems. As you make your way down the river, you’ll be surrounded by lush forests, expansive marshes, and tranquil backwaters. The Nanticoke River is a favorite among both beginners and experienced paddlers, thanks to its calm currents and breathtaking scenery. So grab your kayak and embark on a journey along the Nanticoke River, where you can immerse yourself in nature and create unforgettable memories on the water.

Scenic Beauty and Natural Habitat

One of the highlights of kayaking on the Nanticoke River is the opportunity to witness the scenic beauty and diverse natural habitat along its banks. The river meanders through pristine woodlands, wetlands, and tidal creeks, providing endless opportunities for exploration. Keep an eye out for the numerous bird species that call this area home, such as bald eagles, ospreys, and great blue herons. You may also encounter various reptiles and mammals, including snapping turtles and river otters. The Nanticoke River offers a truly immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the wonders of nature up close.

Fishing and Camping Opportunities

For fishing enthusiasts, the Nanticoke River is a paradise. The river is home to an abundance of fish species, including largemouth bass, white perch, and catfish. Cast your line and test your angling skills as you try to reel in the catch of the day. If you’re planning a multi-day kayaking trip, the Nanticoke River also offers several camping spots along its banks. Spend a peaceful night under the stars, surrounded by the sounds of nature, and wake up to a stunning sunrise over the river. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or an avid camper, the Nanticoke River has something to offer everyone.

10. Silver Lake

Paddling on Silver Lake

For kayakers seeking an urban paddling experience, Silver Lake in Dover is the ideal destination. Located in the heart of Delaware’s capital city, this picturesque lake offers paddlers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a leisurely paddle around the lake and enjoy the peacefulness of the surrounding park. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, Silver Lake provides a serene and scenic backdrop for a relaxing day on the water.

Urban Paddling Experience

Kayaking on Silver Lake provides a unique urban paddling experience. As you glide across the calm waters, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the city skyline, the iconic Legislative Hall, and the beautiful Victorian-era homes that line the lake. The lake is also home to a variety of waterfowl, including ducks, geese, and herons, making it a great spot for birdwatching as well. Soak in the tranquility and beauty of this urban oasis as you enjoy a peaceful paddle on Silver Lake.

Annual Kayak Regatta

One of the highlights of kayaking on Silver Lake is the annual Kayak Regatta, held every summer. This exciting event brings together kayaking enthusiasts from all over the state for a day of friendly competition on the water. Join the fun and test your paddling skills as you race against other kayakers or simply cheer on the participants from the sidelines. The Kayak Regatta is a vibrant celebration of Delaware’s kayaking community and offers a unique opportunity to connect with fellow paddlers while enjoying the beauty of Silver Lake.

In conclusion, Delaware offers a multitude of diverse and breathtaking kayaking destinations. From the tranquil waters of Brandywine Creek to the awe-inspiring coastal landscapes of Delaware Bay, there is something for every kayaker to enjoy. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape into nature, a thrilling adventure on the open water, or an urban paddling experience, Delaware has it all. So grab your paddle, strap on your life jacket, and embark on a kayaking journey through the First State’s most captivating waterways. Happy paddling!

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