Vibe Kayaks Maverick 120 SUP Hybrid Angler Package Review

Shopping for food, cleaning supplies, and things for around the house you are generally not as excited as when you are shopping for clothes. Of course, that depends on how much of a shopaholic you have in you.

When it comes to kayaks and Sups we tend to get really excited! Because what we are more concerned about is how much fun we are able to have with whatever it is that we decide to purchase. That can be a great feeling while shopping, but when it doesn’t work out the disappointment can be greater than with almost any other purchase. 


Especially when you are praying a pretty penny expecting to have some fun!

About The Product

We went out and got the Vibe Kayaks 12' Maverick 120 SUP to do some fishing. To be honest we didn’t have much experience with these type of platforms when we first got this one. That is exactly why we decided to start here. 

The thought and consensus overall with this particular product from what we heard online was, that it was a very decent option at a relatively low price for these types of toys. Right off the bat, we knew it was going to be something special. It is twelve feet long weighs 72 pounds and it is said that it can hold 475 pounds of weight on top. So you are not getting a cheap inflatable paddle board.

This is a real water platform from which you can fish, chill and even do some filming if you are into that type of entertainment. It comes with 5 integrated gear tracks for custom rigging. So you can adjust at which point you want to put your fishing rods or camera. It comes with six tie down spots on the board.

Where you can put things like coolers or even chairs. It has a couple of 8 inch sealed hatches that are waterproof so you can put essential items you need to keep dry. Like your car keys, phones, or even matches in case of emergency.

The deck is fully flat and comes with comfort grip deck padding to give you not only more comfort while walking on the deck, but better grip even when wet to prevent you from sliding into the water. Overall a very stable Sup on which you can spend several hours of fishing and other sorts aquatic activities. 

A Quick Summary 

  • check
    SUP Hybrid: 12 -foot 72-pound
  • check
    5 integrated gear tracks
  • check
    6 cooler or seat tie-down points
  • check
    8" sealed hatches
  • check
    Open deck design with comfort grip deck padding
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    2 bungee paddle parks
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    No-flex deck provides superior stability.

What We Like

The biggest difference between this sup board and other less expensive options out there is the number of features that the Vibe Kayaks 12' Maverick 120 SUP brings to the table, as well as, the comfort level it provides.

The deck itself with its comfort grip padding makes it easy to walk and stand on the board. We liked the fact that you can adapt seats and coolers on the deck without a tremendous amount of effort involved.


Also, without losing neither stability nor maneuverability. Despite the fact that it can carry a lot of weight it is not the heaviest item out there. Which makes it very maneuverable in the water, and not that big of a hassle to get on top of a van or on any device that you wish to carry it in.

The gear tracks are a very cool asset. You can adjust all of your rods to exactly where you will feel comfortable with them. The only potential issue we see here would be the durability of the gear tracks. We wouldn’t want them to become rusty over time or having them stick.

Of course, that may depend a whole lot on how much each individual user takes care of his sup board.

What We Do Not Like

We know that they are an extra asset, and we really can’t complain too much, but the sealed hatches don’t seem to be as waterproof as we would have liked. Maybe that is just an isolated issue, but we felt we had to put it out there. The paddle itself is very basic. We would have expected a little more than that for this type of product. As you can tell they are relatively minor “complaints.”

They really don’t affect the sup’s overall performance in any way. The only thing that could affect its overall performance is if the gear tracks are not durable. That would really derail the Maverick 120’s grade in our book at least. 

Where To Buy

This product is available online and at a number of specialized stores across the country. We typically recommend buying online in this case, because it is easier to make a checklist of all of the features it comes with. That way you can cross check that list when you receive the product and see if everything is in order.

When you go to a store, they might not include all of the features and it may be harder for you to know. Obviously, the only way to truly test this is out in the water if you get the chance to test out in a pool before you get out into the wild so to speak, it can give you some extra assurance that you are getting a high-quality product.



We had a great time fishing with the Maverick 120. So we don’t want to sound biased when grading it. However, like we said at the beginning of the review, a lot of times, these products are graded by the amount of fun you can have on it!

If you are looking for a more comfortable way to do some fishing where you can bring all of the essentials like bait, drinks, snacks, and all of your rods without going out and purchasing a boat this is essentially the next best thing.

At this particular price range, it is one of the best options out there quite honestly. Of course, don’t just take our word for it. Go out and try one of these and see for yourself how much fun you can have in a day on the water! 

Our Rating

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