Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100 Angler Kayak Review

We all love to hear of unlikely people or things being able to overcome the odds and perform at unimaginable heights. The boxer who won the fight, despite the insurmountable odds the skinny horse that won the race or that car that just seemed like he wouldn’t have it in him, but finished the race.

We all love the stories, but for the most part, wouldn’t want to be the guy inside the car praying it wouldn’t break down and burn up. When it comes to kayak, it's basically the same thing. Most of the time we are going to look for the one that will get us from point A to point B in the safest most enjoyable way possible. If we know beforehand that we are going to really be putting our boat to the test in some shallow waters or are going to be doing some heavy fishing we are going to tend to look for a stable, and wide kayak in which we feel safest in.

The problem with that is we might end up buying a kayak that will ultimately cost a lot of money and a lot of effort to move around. It may have all the features we need and then some, but that may not be your best option if you need to be moving around a lot. We came across the Vibe Kayaks Yellowfin 100 10 foot Angler Sit On Top Kayak. It is a high-performance lightweight boat that you can easily take to and from the water with a lot of different features that will make your fishing and kayaking experience a memorable one.


About The Product

This 10-foot kayak can hold up to 375 pounds of you plus cargo. It has a framed seat very atypical of kayaks in this price range and size. It comes with 4 flush mount rod holders. Where the rods can go in up to 8 inches into the boat. Keeping them very safe from falling out or anything. It also has a rod holder right in front of the seat with a lock-in mechanism.

According to multiple sources, this can not only help you hold the rod while you paddle, but it can also help as support to allow you to paddle when you have a fish hooked in who is trying to pull you into a direction you do not wish to go in. It comes with two waterproof storage hatches.

One right underneath the seat and the other in the front. They can hold many fish and tools at once. The framed seat comes with extra fasteners that you can tie to the floor of the kayak for extra stability. From what we have experienced, it is a very stable boat and will allow you to spend more time actually out in the water than worrying about the boat itself.

Main Features

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    10 ft kayak
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    4 Carry Handles
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    2 Waterproof Storage Hatches
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    2 Adjustable Foot Braces
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    Large Rear Tank Well And Bungee
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    Framed Seat
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    Dash with cup holder and mount trey

What We Like

Weight size and price are the first things that jump out at you when looking at this particular kayak. Essentially you can get a lot out of it in the water and don’t have to be super strong to be able to carry it around.

Like we previously stated the framed seat is very atypical of kayaks under 1,000 dollars so evidently this is a nice asset that we liked. Since you can spend more hours in the water without your body beginning to cramp up or feeling uncomfortable overall. The secure straps on the seat are also a neat little asset.


I am not sure how much “safer” they actually make the seat, but it gives you a little safety cushion so you can’t go wrong there. The road holder in the console is one of the assets we enjoyed the most. As it really gives you the opportunity to keep your hands free most of the time. The lock-in feature is really tight so you can use it to help you reel in fish.

The last thing that made it really easy for us and we think will for you too is that you can take it straight out of the box and into the water. No assembly required no extra things need to be put on it. You take it out of the box and start paddling.

What We Do Not Like

We understand that it is a smaller boat however, the rod holders don’t run so deep. So it really depends on what type of rod you want to use to make sure that you feel comfortable leaving it in one of the holders. Especially if you are in very shallow water.

Other than that maybe the storage hatches are not as big as we would want them to be, but then again if you need more room you need to buy a bigger boat. We feel there is just no way around that sadly. Lastly, we are a little concerned with the paddle holders' durability.

Especially since they are going to constantly in contact with water and other elements that will inevitably take a toll on them over time. Other than that we can say you are going to be safe and having a great time out there! 

Where To Buy

With the Yellowfin 100 there are actually plenty of ways to buy. If you are a long-time kayak enthusiast, you probably can pick it up at the same store you go too to gear up. If not they will probably be able to point you in the right direction. If you are relatively new to this then you can shop on Amazon and rest assured you are going to get a quality product. If you are going to choose, the online route be sure to choose a certified seller and inspect the product from top to bottom when it comes in so you won’t run into any surprises. 



You can’t go wrong with an easy to use lightweight product. Great for people who don’t usually carry a lot of gear around. It is essentially a kayak that can be enjoyed by amateurs and pros alike at a great price! 

Our Rating

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