Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak Review

We have taken a look at a lot of kayaks and given them a ride for a while. Then voiced our different opinions in these reviews. From the comments and emails, we’ve been getting people want to know why we tend to be lighter when criticizing certain kayaks. Yet harder on other kayaks which are outright better boats than others we praised. The reality is that we try to grade each kayak within its own unique context.

Obviously, a better made more expensive kayak will have a far better overall performance than a cheap inflatable option. In spite of this, we might give it a lower grade because it underperformed when compared to kayaks in the same price range or even market. With that in mind, we want to take a look at a kayak that at least on paper looks like a great value pick. 

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It can handle calm up to mildly choppy waters. It is light and being sold at a great price!

About The Product

The boat we are referring to is the Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak. This is one of the considered small boats produced by Dagger Kayaks. It is a sit on kayak that is perfect for all types of users including beginners. Some experienced riders have been known to use this kayak in whitewater. This is a true testament to the kayak’s stability and maneuverability. As well, as its durability. What experienced riders usually like from this kayak is that it is extremely light, so it is easy to carry around solo as well as put in or on a car for transport. The cockpit design is great it is just right so that you can comfortably fit without sacrificing overall performance. To be honest, though bigger people will probably tend to go towards the twelve-foot option. That is not necessarily something negative it is better to have a tighter fit than a one size fits all!

A Quick Summary 

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    Boat length: 9' 1 inch
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    Boat weight: 36.5 lbs
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    Great for Flat water cruising or taking full control in slow-moving water of rivers and inlets
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    Offers a comfortable but dialed-in Cockpit
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    Lightweight for easier carrying and car topping

What We Like

Honestly, there is a lot to like about this boat! The first thing that we noticed was that it is really made from quality materials that will allow the boat to last longer. With some other boats, you really need to take great care of the hull going as far as to having to fully dry it out quickly after every use. The reason behind this is that cheap plastic materials rot easily especially in salt water!

This boat is a tough and durable option. We loved the design most of us are not the tallest people you will ever meet so we fit perfectly into the boat. We were able to maneuver it with ease and felt very safe and stable in the water. It is totally more of an adventure boat so it has way less storage space than a fishing boat would, but it has enough room for you to take the essential tools and foods in dry storage compartments.

The fact that you can also use it in virtually all types of water is also a major plus, but it has one key component missing that would put it over the edge, which we will get to shortly. 

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Overall it is a great boat for the price! You can get the same or at times better performance from this boat that is priced around 450 dollars than other kayaks like… Hobie. That will typically be priced over 1,000 dollars per boat!

What We Do Not Like

We were really fishing when trying to come up with things we didn’t like about this boat. Most of the features are pretty well rounded, but there are two aspects that could have been done better. Number one it doesn’t come with safety straps to be able to provide better support in whitewater. We know that actually this boat is supposedly not meant for those extreme conditions.

At least, that is what Dagger says. So if it is not being advertised as whitewater kayak we can put to much blame on it for not coming with safety straps. When we first came across this second issue we really couldn’t believe it. The problem is the paddle is just not as reliable and comfortable as you would expect. Sure this is an easy fix, just grab one you are comfortable with. It just seems strange that after putting so much effort into the boat you would disregard something like this! 

Where To Buy

This is really one of the boats you would have not any problem if you just got it to go from a drive-thru or ordered it online. It is that good in our book! Amazon though does charge a 60 dollar shipping cost for this kayak. So if you have a dealer near you may be, the best option is to ahead and visit their store.

Not only will you be saving 60 dollars, but will be able to experience the product first hand before you buy, and potentially have any doubts you have answered. The good thing though is that it doesn’t come with many little pieces that would easily be lost in shipping and make assembly possible. So even if you decide to go the online route, you probably won’t have assembly issues.

source: amazon.com


The Dagger Kayaks Zydeco 9.0 Kayak might just be a real-life example of an absolute value product. You can get a lot out of this boat at a very low price, literally! This is a boat that if you pick it up as an outright beginner or novice paddler you are going to be able to continue using it for years to come.

Plus, you will get a chance to experience what real kayaking is about from the first time you get out into the water. So many times we have seen people go for cheaper options when starting out, and they end up not staying in kayaking because they were not impressed by their first experience. In this case, you will be essentially feeling the same things that professional, and skilled riders feel from the first time out. Take a chance on this boat it's worth it!

Our Rating

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