Driftsun Teton 90 Kayak Review

Have you ever been to a store on a very specific mission? You know exactly what you are there to get and want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. So that you won’t lose time and have to put more quarters on the parking meter. A lot of times we spend more time at the store than actually using the things we buy. This is inevitable in some cases, however, when it comes to buying gear or things to go out and have fun this is something that just can’t happen, yet it still does.

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There are great options out there in the kayaking world. Some products though are great in the water but are a hassle to transport or inflate. While others you practically need to rebuild them every time you want to use them again.

That doesn’t make them bad products, but you are going to have to work before you can start having fun. This is not the case though, with the Driftsun Teton 90 Hard Shell Recreational Kayak. This is a grab and go type of kayak perfect for those who don’t plan on working hard on weekends at the lake.

About The Product

This kayak is 9 feet long fit for a single person boating. It is perfect for fishing as it contains 4 rod holders that can be adjusted to make you comfortable out in the water. The padded seat can be adjusted to fit in multiple positions in the kayak so that you can perfectly balance out the kayak if you plan on bringing things on board like coolers that may tamper with your stability. Some of the main features this kayak offers are two hatches to be able to store multiple gadgets such as cell phones that must remain dry at all times.

Although it is a very lightweight boat at only 47 pounds, it can hold up to 300 pounds of cargo on board. It also comes with the very famous bungee cord storage that is great for keeping caught fish. Overall it is a boat that will perform great out on the water and can be taken in and out of the water easily and set for storage or transport without great hassle.

A Quick Summary 

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    Kayak Length: 9'
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    Kayak Width: 32"
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    Kayak Weight: 47 Lbs. 
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    Recommended Weight Limit: 300 Lbs. 
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    4 Flush Mount Capped Rod Holders
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    2 Sealed Dry Storage Hatches

What We Like

We’ve been raving about how easy it is to take this kayak directly from the showroom to the water. So it is no surprise that we really like how practical this boat is. Even though it is practical it neither cheap nor one-dimensional. It is great for solo fishing. It is short and light enough so that you can transport it easily, but wide enough that you will be able to stand or sit whichever you please.

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The 2 dry hatches are also a good asset. Sometimes you don’t know what to do with things like car keys or cell phones and they end up getting ruined or lost. Being able to keep them safe and dry is always a good thing. This is essentially the ultimate solo fishing kayak. We’ve been over the lightweight aspect which allows a single person to carry it easily.

It also includes 4-rod holders and at 32” wide plenty of room to put a cooler or keep the fish you end up catching. It can handle from calm to mildly choppy waters, so you can take it anywhere from lakes to certain rivers.

What We Do Not Like

Since we just called it probably the ultimate solo fishing kayak you won’t expect to see too many complaints on our part. There are a few, though. We are not huge fans of the hull design. At 32 inches wide we would have maybe liked to see a hull designed that emulated that of a fishing platform. The manufacturer went for a design that is much better for paddling and making great turns.

This is good but makes the kayak a little less stable than we maybe would have liked. The issue is if you bring things on board like a cooler you need to find a way to tie it down if you are expecting to make sudden turns. Since its weight could throw off your balance and stability on the kayak. This is maybe not a good enough reason to stay away from this kayak completely, but it would be wise of you to keep this mind when your shopping around. Besides that, we really like all of the features it offers and the fact that you can get in and out of the water very quickly.

Where To Buy

One of the great advantages of kayaks like this is that most of the features are already built-in. So there is really no issues that you would have to worry about if you decide to buy online. It is very unlikely that you will get a product with missing pieces since they are all manufactured with everything on them already. Also in the specific case of the Driftsun Teton 90 Hard Shell Recreational Kayak shipping is handled directly by Amazon so you get the Amazon product warranty. We had no issues with purchasing online if you are someone who needs to see before you buy you can check Driftsun’s official site for a certified seller near you.

source: amazon.com


Have more fun than work on the weekends. After all, we go to the lake to get away from work, don’t we? This is a very decent kayak for solo adventures you are probably not going to find many options that are this good at this price. Also, a big upside here is how practical this kayak is.

So if you are someone who struggles with transporting your boats and gear this is a great option. Getting 9 feet and 47 pounds of a kayak onto your car is a lot easier than trying to get a twelve foot 70 pound one anywhere. You will be getting good performance on the water minus the hassle outside of it.

Our Rating

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