Hobie Mirage 180 Pro Angler 12 Kayak Camo Review

We’ve had had the chance to look at various Hobie Mirage models by the time we got our hands on this boat. Naturally, this made us adapt to this boat very quickly and easily. It is one of the fastest pedal boats out there and will allow you to have a completely hands free fishing experience. One of the biggest problems with this boat though is that the investment you need to put into it is one of the highest on the market! This typically keeps a lot of newcomers and veterans alike away from Mirage products. We, however, want to give credit where credit is due. 


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These boats will undoubtedly give you a great experience in the water consistently! Plus you will be making an investment that will probably allow you to have a boat that you could use for years to come. Let's get to the details, though!

About The Product

The Hobie Mirage 180 Pro Angler 12 Kayak Camo is obviously a 12-foot long sit on top kayak. It is 36 inches wide and with 4 horizontal rod holders and 2 molded in rod holders! Essentially, you can hold up to 7 rods while out in the water increasing your overall fishing potential. The pedal system has been perfected by the guys at Mirage and now you have an easy installment as well as a great performance from this system.

You can modify it to move forward or in reverse. This is a great asset when fighting against fish who want to pull you in different directions as well as fighting off tough currents! With the hands-free approach, you will never have to choose between paddling or fishing. The seat is also adjustable so that you can make it fit your liking or length. There are a couple of storage hatches that allow you to keep things dry like your keys or your phone. You could also use these hatches to store things like bait or drinks and food!

A Quick Summary 

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    Length: 12'
  • check
    Width: 36"
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    Anchor trolley system ready
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    Large rectangular hatch with Pivoting Tackle Management System
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    4 horizontal rod holders
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    2 molded-in rod holders
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    Hull construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

What We Like

This boat has a lot of really cool features that can really help out in the water. First off, even though it is one of the longer kayaks you will be able to find out there, it is not that heavy. You can get it in and out of the water by yourself without too much effort. This also applies to the kayak in the water. You don’t need to exert that much force into pedaling to be able to get the kayak to move forward. The multiple rod holders are a great asset. You can hold up to 7 fishing rods that may even be too many, but it all depends on how you want to adjust the holders as well.

One of the best features in this kayak is definitely the seat. It makes for a very comfortable ride. So you can be out in the water for multiple hours at a time. Also, it is adjustable so you could make the kayak fit your liking perfectly. Any time that you can purchase a product where performance is 100% guaranteed it is difficult to not make the purchase. In this case, though the price really makes it difficult to decide. 

source: amazon.com

What We Do Not Like

We’ve said this with all of the Mirage products. They are good but very expensive! We know this before we even get a glimpse of the product, and it is really unfortunate. Not only is the price very steep, but you have to pay a high shipping cost. It just seems like a slap in the face no doubt! You not only have to pay top dollar to get the kayak they also ask you to pay a 250-dollar shipment.

We understand that most people are looking for a better deal than this. To be fully honest though the only thing that we could outright say we didn’t like was the price. We could say that the price will include great customer support and a product that you could potentially count upon to deliver every time. The initial investment is steep, but it will allow you to keep the product for multiple seasons.

Where To Buy

We’ve covered a couple of issues with this kayak’s price and a couple of buying issues. If you want to buy this product online you are going to have multiple issues to address. The shipping cost is through the roof as well as the retail price. Since we understand most people won’t want to trust Amazon with almost 4000 dollars online we recommend that you find a Mirage dealer near you. These kayaks are available in many sports and outdoors stores across the country so they won’t be that difficult to find.

Buying at a store also gives you the opportunity to test the kayak a little bit. At least sit on it on land and get the feeling to what it may be like in the water. This will also allow you to have a physical place where you can voice your concerns and clear up any doubts that may come up. That is very necessary when you putting forth that kind of money.

source: amazon.com


If you buy the Hobie Mirage 180 Pro Angler 12 Kayak Camo you will be getting a high-quality boat for years to come. There is just no doubt about that. We really don’t have an issue with recommending this boat. The only problem is that this is not an affordable boat. Which means that there are not that many potential buyers out there. Those of you still interested should definitely take the time to check this boat out up close and personal!

That is the only way that we feel like you can get a good feeling for the boat. Also, at this price, we think you need to be 100% sure about making the purchase without a doubt in your mind. The only way to fully get that done is to see it up close. 

Our Rating

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