Hurricane Santee 116 Sport Kayak Review

We’ve been looking over kayaks for some time now and we’ve gotten some emails from you asking what the are the best options out there to get started in the kayaking world. We typically recommend going with some of the more basic kayaks that are not going to cost you a fortune.

That way you can really test out the whole experience and motions of what it’s like. Once your hooked on kayaking though you tend to grow out of the less expensive options fairly quickly. Especially since you will probably want to experience more extreme waters and faster currents. As kayak enthusiasts we totally understand we’ve had that feeling too. Once you get to this point though you usually have a whole bunch of options on what boat to try next and it is pretty hard to decide which direction to take.

The worst thing that can happen at this point is that you end up investing a lot of money on a boat that will not meet your needs and expectations. This has actually happened to many of us here and that is why we feel the need to help you out. First off you need something that isn’t too complex.


Boating is great, but sometimes brands and even people make it too complicated. If you are still looking for a grab and go boat that can be used in any type of water we just might have what you're looking for. The Hurricane Santee 116 Sport Kayak is a lightweight boat that can coincidently navigate great in all types of water!

About The Product

The Hurricane Santee 116 Sport Kayak is a very simple boat, yet it can handle a heavy duty way out on the water. It has a very roomy cockpit from which you can easily get in and out of. It can even fit a child or a small dog along with you. The cockpit has adjustable feet rest so that you don’t always have to have your legs stretched out all the way. 

The seat is also reclinable and can fold into itself for storage or for travel. It comes with a bungee cord on the rear, so you can hold diverse items. It also has small storage spots so that you can keep items like your phone and keys dry. The seat is very well padded for a comfortable ride. Besides that it comes with thigh pads that also allow you to spend more time out on the water. The hull comes with a unique design that allows you to tackle even choppy waters.

A Quick Summary 

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    AirStream Seat and Thigh Pads
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    Twist Lock Foot Brace System
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    Deck Storage for dry bag & gear
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    Wide Cockpit
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    Great Overall Design

What We Like

What really stands out in this boat is how overly simple it is. You don’t need to actually know anything about kayaks to be able to set it up. Durability is huge especially with something that is going to cost you this much. You are not going to want to buy a whole new toy each season out of need. This boat will not get worn down by the sun, so you won’t have an issue with storage from season to season.

source: Hurricane Kayaks

Not only that but since there are not that many features on this boat any way you won’t need to worry about replacing any of the parts any time soon. This will get the job done every time you put it in the water. Saving you time effort and money on things like repairs and upgrades. Perhaps our favorite feature though is the lightweight.

You can easily pick it up and put it in and out of the water in a matter of seconds. You won’t have to worry about it wearing down because of rocks either. A big step up from inflatable options obviously is that punctures are a thing of the past. You can ride really smoothly on choppy or calm waters and easily get in and out of the cockpit at any time. What else could you ask for right?

What We Do Not Like

Maybe a little too simple! We know this might sound contradictory, but really they couldn’t even include a paddle! It is a very simple thing, but can really end up driving some people away. Especially since it is being portrayed as a great kayak for beginners.

Think this through Santee if you are developing a kayak for people who are starting out where are they going to get a paddle? We had known about this issue before we got the kayak and really didn't think much of it. Then we put ourselves in a newcomers shoes and were just amazed at how such a small lack of courtesy if you will, could really make sales dip. If you are a beginner the last thing you want to worry about when buying a boat is the paddle.

Heck, we imagine that a lot of people bought it without even noticing the lack of a paddle. Other than that we still like the lightweight and great overall maneuverability this boat has. It can serve as a great learning boat. Just buy an extra paddle and watch out stability isn’t great when you first start off and learn how to lean your own weight to help the kayak.

Where To Buy

The paddle issue might cost you more than expected if you don’t play your cards right. For starters, the boat itself does not have free Amazon shipping so this is one of the few times we would advise you to compare prices with your local stores.

If you still find that your best options are online, buy a paddle from the same store as the kayak so you can convince them of sending both products together. Otherwise, you may have to pay extra shipping and face the possibility that you are going to have a kayak without a paddle for a while. If you don’t want to do that just by a paddle with free Amazon shipping.



This is a great boat really a lot of fun out in the water. The issues have more to do with shipping than with the boat itself. If you can find it at a store with a paddle at a competitive price you should really consider this boat as a very decent option!

Our Rating

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