Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

After a couple days out in tough whitewater conditions, it was nice to come back and relax a little bit. We headed for the beach but since we are total workaholics we took a kayak! It had been a while since we got into a sit on top kayak. This sort of made the whole or deal a more intriguing one.

Plus there is a little bit of a background story with this kayak. Back when we were researching what whitewater kayaks we should do reviews on we found a video. In it a group of seemingly regular people pulled off a couple of stunts we would never advise you to do.

What they specifically did was take a couple of Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayaks took the seat out and used them in white water. There were a couple of times that we cringed watching the video. Seeing these people really come close to all out disaster. 

From what we could though, overall the kayak stood up pretty well to the task. When we got to the beach, we couldn’t wait to rent some and check them out in their natural habitat. 

About The Product

Right, when we got in the water with this kayak we understood why they were able to take it into whitewater. Most Ocean Kayaks are built as sort of hybrid boats. They are almost as wide as a fishing kayak if not wider in some cases.

Although in this case the boat is labeled as a sit on top it is more of a sit-in with an adjustable seat. The high “walls” on the side of the kayak are designed so that the rider won’t be directly impacted by incoming waves. This makes a great option for kayak surfing in small to medium waves in the ocean.

The only issue with the high walls might be that it does make the boat a little tight in width. People who are accustomed to sit on top kayaks where the boat’s width is not a factor might have problems.

As getting in and out of the kayak is not as easy as it would be on a typical fishing kayak. Plus you may feel a little trapped inside the kayak if you are not accustomed to sit in boats.

Notable Features 

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    Max Capacity 275-325 lbs.
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    9 ft. lenght and only 45 lbs.
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    Durable padded Comfort Plus Seat Back
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    Bow and Stern Carry Handless
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    Stern Tank Well with Removable Bungees 
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    Bow Deck Bungee

What We Liked

Plenty of things to like on this boat. First off we were really surprised that a boat of this size would be this light. It is truly something that stands out! Then while in the water it is really a very versatile boat.

It can handle some reasonable tough currents and medium sized waves in the ocean. That being said we don’t recommend stretching the boat’s limits to the max. Not because the boat can’t handle the rough going, but it isn’t the safest ride. While in very flat water it can actually pick up speed very quickly. 

This was also somewhat a surprise. We guess we can trace back and thank its grace in the water to the low weight. It doesn’t take too many strokes to reach full speed either. One of the things that we rarely talk about is the fact that virtually anyone can use it safely. This boat has just that type of “it” factor.

It is light enough that kids won’t have a problem with it in the water. While being stable and even wide enough for parents to feel safe if they let the kids use it. We won’t on Amazon and a lot of people were asking about max capacity. As you can see from the bullet points max capacity is also something it excels at. It’s perfectly capable and long enough to hold an adult and a small child or a dog.

What We Do Not Like

This isn’t an outright critical point against the boat, just something we thought was strange. As we mentioned the boat has an amazing maximum weight capacity for a boat that size. Yet, heavier people have trouble fitting in it because the “seating” area is too narrow. This keeps a lot of bigger people away from this boat.

The second issue has to do with storage. Seriously in 9 feet, they couldn’t fit a dry storage hatch? We’ve seen people adapt one by making adjustments. That makes us raise our eyebrows even more. Wondering why they didn’t put one in standard. As you can see no performance issues. Just a couple of suggestions that could have made it better. 

Buying Advice

This is one of the boats that it is such a safe buy at a price that people are still comfortable spending online. So if you really can’t find a dealer near you, it's not that big a deal. Look for a trusted seller, preferably Amazon or straight from the factory. Then order it and wait for it to arrive at your door.

Usually with products like this that don’t have a lot of little add-ons that can go missing. We recommend you skip the shopping process altogether and buy online. Heck, if you live near the beach go and rent one out like we did. That way you’ll get the first-hand experience you can’t get at the store! Then you can order it online with more confidence.


This is one of the best-rated boats out there. Not only by us but other users that have been kind enough to voice their opinion. That was also one of the reasons that we tried it in the first place. After our research, we too are comfortable giving it a very decent recommendation letter. What it really comes down to with boats is how much fun you are going to be able to have on them.

In this case, you’d be getting a boat that is suitable for people of all ages. Plus you can ride it on virtually any given day or site. Like we always say though don’t just take our word for it. Do your research and get out on the water!

Our Rating

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