Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle Review

As parents, we really love it when our kids begin to enjoy a lot of the activities that we are also into! Sometimes it is tough to get them to do so if you don’t start developing their passion from an early age. It’s obvious that not all of the activities you enjoy can be shared with your kids right away. So we are not suggesting getting them as hooked as you are on wine and cheese from an early age. When it comes to water sports though you can really start getting your kids into them before they even learn how to swim almost!

Also, they are a fun and healthy way to spend great quality time with the family. That is why we wanted to get know the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle. This is obviously an atypical situation for us since we don’t have anybody that could test it out and provide us with proper feedback. 

Since this is a product that is built specifically for kids safety and balance are going to be way more important than they typically are. That being said we will make you wait for no further and get going with the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle review.


About The Product

This kayak is six feet in length and twenty-four inches wide. It can fit a kid that weighs up to 130 pounds. So it is basically a kayak that if you buy it for young kids can allow them to grow into it make it a very durable product for you. It only weighs around 18 pounds, so it isn’t too heavy so pre-teens could easily carry it around.

The fact that it has multiple footrests also helps your kids adapt to the kayak as they are growing. The one thing that stands out from this product is its stability. You won’t have to worry about your kids flipping over at any time. Of course, it is advised that they don’t test the products limits in shallow waters, but we believe that is just common sense.

Other than that it is a “toy” in which you can let your kids develop into. We are not suggesting you leave them unattended, but you could loosen the leash up a little bit. Allowing them to perceive the whole experience and hopefully become very passionate about water sports and kayaking in specific.

A Quick Summary 

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    Perfect for kids ages 5 and up, or up to 130 lbs.
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    Reverse Chine for enhanced stability
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    Multiple Footrest Positions for Different Size Riders
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    UV-Protected – Will Not Fade, Crack, or Split
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    Lightweight 18 lb.
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    Molded Paddle Cradles
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    Ergonomic Cockpit Design Enhances Balance and Motor Skills

What We Like

The idea that you can start your kids in kayaking from this young age is great. Especially with a very decent product like this one. The weight is great your kid won’t break his back trying to carry this. Also, it won’t be bulky or hard to move around in the water. Which is very important especially at this age for kids so that they don’t get frustrated, but rather they enjoy the overall experience.

We might have to amend this last statement about it being bulky. If your kid is five or six then yes, it will probably feel too big. However, the main asset here is that kids can grow into it and start feeling more and more comfortable as time goes on. Safety was one of the biggest issues coming in and for what we can see from reviews this is a great product that will make you feel comfortable letting your kid out on the water.

Even if it is a little bulky for him or her at first this seems like a better option as they will be able to continue to use it for years to come. Which means you won’t have to invest in a new kayak every six months or so. 


What We Do Not Like

There are many sellers available online. That is not necessarily a bad thing per say, but the issue is that there are many different prices online. Essentially they are trying to charge different prices just because, they offer a wider variety of colors. The other issue with the multiple online sellers is that you have a higher risk of choosing the wrong seller.

Let’s get one thing straight the kayak works great overall. As long as you are getting a new product directly from the manufacturer. Sadly some people have had to endure instances where they get products with missing parts or that feel used. Those are a couple of red flags. Not enough in our book to not buy this kayak. Especially since it has given many kids across the country great days out on the water.

Buying Advice

Don’t sleep on which seller you pick when you buy. It is very important that you read the warranty all the way through. If you are thinking of buying this at a winter sale and know that you may not use it really for a while still you should open up and check that everything comes as advertised.

Especially if you go for a price bargain from a sketchy seller. There are very few people that have faced these problems. The product has a 4.8 out 5 rating on Amazon with hundreds of reviews. So just be prepared, but don’t be too worried. 



This is a great product! Many kids have had their love of kayaking built through this product. As we’ve talked about through the whole review, safety is the biggest issue here, and this product can help you sleep at night. We don’t feel it is bulky at all. However, some people had those concerns. Like we said previously it will allow your kids to grow into the kayak and have fun for a longer period of time! 

Our Rating

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