Sea Eagle 435PS Inflatable Paddleski QuikRow Review

What are you in the mood for today sir? The typical phrase uttered by some of the most famous butlers in television and movies. It is very empowering when someone approaches you with this phrase. Especially if they happen to use a British accent while doing so. No disrespect to the British, but when anyone makes us feel even remotely close to what it feels like to be the mythical Bruce Wayne we get really excited.

Apologies for the geek references, but with the product that came across our desk today we truly feel like we got something straight out of a movie or comic book. With this kayak, you can decide to either paddle, sail, use it as a fishing platform or even adapt an outboard motor on it. It really depends on what your mood for that particular day is. 


We have to be careful though sometimes when products try to cover too much ground they end up not covering anything at all. Let’s see what happens here.

About The Product

The Sea Eagle 435PS Inflatable Paddleski is a kayak/catamaran that has the following measurements: 14' 6"x 39" on the outside, and 12' 6" x 16" on the inside. It can hold 2 adults comfortably on its deck and a total amount of 650 pounds of weight on deck.

Of course, this is the size it reaches when fully inflated. When inflated it can easily fit in the backseat of a car. It comes with a bag for easy carrying. Just like you would carry a normal gym bag. It comes with a foot pump and can be fully inflated within 7 minutes. If you use the foot pump, you won’t ever have to worry about your kayak being overinflated. It is not recommended that you use an air compressor to inflate this kayak as that may cause it to over inflate.

Making it more susceptible to punctures and overall malfunctions. It comes with a quick row Kit, QuikSail, two 7'10" AB30 paddles, two deluxe Inflatable seats, two Scotty rod holders. Essentially the only feature that you would need to invest more for would be the off board motor. In that case, the necessary adjustments can be purchased through Sea Eagle.

Main Features

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    Exterior: 14' 6" x 39" / Interior: 12' 6" x 16"
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    Inflation Time: 7 Minutes
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    Inflation Pressure: 3.2 psi
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    Made from 1000 Denier Reinforced/Seam: Quadruple Overlap
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    Load Capacity: 2 Adults or 650 lbs
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    Hull Weight: 41 lbs.

What We Like

We liked the versatility of this product. You can essentially store it in a small space and take it anywhere without needing to set up any extra accommodations in your car or having to tow it around. That versatility continues in the water as it can adapt to whatever you are in the mood for on a particular day.

It comes with the paddles and sails already so you don’t have to do virtually any extra shopping. It is actually quite long which also makes it a great fishing platform option. You can adapt the seats depending on the day, and also the holders can hold fishing roads or be used to help you when paddling. The main concern we always have with inflatables is their durability.

Sometimes these kayaks work fine, but a puncture and it all goes to waste. In this case, however, this particular boat seems to be made from very durable materials. It is important to pump at exactly the right pressure, if you use the foot pump you won’t have a problem there. 


Most of the features work fine, which is rare in these types of items, so obviously it is a plus for the Sea Eagle 435PS. The design makes it very slick and lightweight in the water. So it is very maneuverable and will go fairly quickly without too much effort.

What We Do Not Like

The Sea Eagle 435PS has many outstanding features we are not disputing that. The issue is that to change from one feature to the next you need to buy extra adaptors and/or seats. That is not the worst thing in the world, but the problem is you have to carry them. So the whole portable and adaptable bonus that comes with this kayak kind of goes out the window there. 

If you have a lake house or a large R.V. you won’t have those storage problems. However, if the whole purpose was to be able to pack light you won’t be able to go from motoring to rowing so easily. The actual mounting and dismounting of a motor, or going from paddling to rowing is actually fairly easy. You essentially don’t need tools to be able to complete these adjustments.

That is one of our worries, though! It seems way too unstable. Especially for the motor, if you don’t tighten the board properly, the motor could potentially fall out. We are worried that people may actually take it lightly and end up having problems because of this.

Where To Buy

This product comes with a lot of add-ons. So be sure to make a list of all of them before you buy so that you can cross-check that list with the actual product you receive. We hope that you won’t have any issues while shopping, but this sometimes happens, so it's better to be prepared.

The problem most of the times is not with who actually ships the product, but the manufacturer. So we don’t see an issue with buying online, or in store. Whichever option you prefer make sure to cross check the item when you receive it.



This is a great inflatable option. It is even better for people who have lake houses, or R.V.’s. Since you can keep all of the add-ons close at hand. As a portable option it is still easy to carry, but in this case, it becomes less versatile. However, it is still a viable option for those of you who plan on traveling with it. Overall a great kayak option in our book! 

Our Rating

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